Creme De la Creme:

Originating from France it means”” Very best”. The school organizes an Inter-school Competition where various renowned schools of Jaipur participate and the student who “”delivers the best performance”” wins. This gives students a wide exposure to compete with students of similar age groups.


The MUN hosted by Cambridge Court Group aims to give a real-time experience of the working of the United Nations to the students. In this, the students of prestigious schools and colleges of Jaipur and outside participate. It enhances the oratory skills of the students and their knowledge about how the international issues are taken care of at the United Nations.

Igniting Minds:

The annual science exhibition of the school, which is aimed to provide a platform to the students, for sharping shaping their innovative ideas into existence and for turning their learning into physical form proves to be experiential learning for them.

Intra school activities:

A school life is beyond textbooks and classrooms, it’s about learning through various ways. Learning with fellow mates is the most easiest and effective way. CCHS provides an opportunity where pupils compete with each other and learn a lot of skills.

Public Speaking & Literary activities:

Building self-esteem & confidence to put forth our ideas in public we need outstanding oration skills which is imbibed at a young age by participation in competitions such as debates, speech, declamation, poem recitation, narration, elocution, extempore are organized. It would help to enhance the general knowledge base also. The school has various Language labs and literary club.

Performing arts & Visual arts:

It includes dance, music, theatre, mime, etc. where students are skilled to express their ideas and creativity to a live audience. To invoke an amazing artist, contests of face painting, T-shirt painting, tattoo making, English – Hindi calligraphy, pencil shading, Rangoli making, Rakhi making, Paper Mache, clay modeling, Ikebana, and Mehandi designing are also actively encouraged.

Club events:

We At CCHS offer a plethora of activities in the clubs where students get to explore their interests in the clubs of their choice like Literary, Robotics, Eco, Math, Science, Theater, G.K., Photography, IT.

Social activities in collaboration with various NGOs:

To bring about a sense of responsibility in our Cambridgians, CCHS organizes many social concern activities such as visits to blind schools, deaf and dumb institutions, orphanages, old age homes, traffic parks, book fair, literature festivals, fire brigade office, etc. Cambridgians are forerunners in social reform campaigns as well and actively participate in anti-tobacco rallies, anti-pollution drives, and anti-corruption missions. They have started their protests and are creating awareness amongst the masses about not burning firecrackers, wastage of water, paper, electricity, and food.

Sports Utsav:

Playground is the best place to teach a child the meaning of sportsmanship. It is here that the child experiences the thrill of victory and takes failures as a stepping stone to success. Keeping this in mind every year the school along with its zestful enthusiastic athletes celebrates its Sports day.


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With the culmination of year, we come to the end of yet another successful chapter in the chronicles of Cambridge Court High School. “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”


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